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NOTE:These are supported by Adobe Flash, and are not available on mobile devices. Sorry. I am looking for another way to share the messages. Please feel free to write me with any questions or comments you have about these teachings. 

1st PhoneCast Interview

with Paul Berry on PBM ALIVE! He introduces me at Minute 44. This teaching is a little longer than most because it is coupled with his interview.
It is very foundational.

Message 1 "The Father's Love" message begins at Minute 20 

Message 2 "Bound to Unforgiveness" message begins at Minute 10 

Message 3 "Walk in Unity" begins about Minute 3 

Message 4 "Christ Set Us Free for the Sake of Freedom" begins about minute 33:30

Message 5 "The 12th Man" begins about minute 31:30 

Message 6 "Grace" 

Paul Berry introduces me at minute 32:30. He begins by reading "A word from the Lord" from my book "Jewels from the River" and it really blessed me. We talk a bit and then my message on Grace begins at minute 42.

Message 7 "May Grace Abound but Not Taken for Granted!

Begins at minute 31:30

Message 8 "The Gift of Prophecy

Begins at minute 36:10

Message 9 "The Gift of Prophecy continued" 

Begins at minute 29 

Remember, it cannot be accessed with a mobile device as it is supported with Adobe Flash. Thank you

Dear Ones,

On November 21st, I shared a message on PBM that I want to share with you. This is about what the Lord showed me in how to spiritually battle the evil we are seeing 

  (2 Cor 10:3-6), and specifically how to pray Proverbs 2. As Paul Berry said, "THIS A REAL DOWNLOAD FROM GOD!" (My message begins at about minute :26)

In the Father's love, 
Judy A Bauman

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