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Wednesday, March 13 2024


Hello friends of The Father’s Love International Ministries!

I have a very important message about how we can:

Stand with Israel!

There is a radio talk show host that I listen to from time to time on my local news radio station by the name of Mike Gallegher. I appreciate his conservative perspective. His insights on the October 7th attacks by Hamas have been carefully but honestly reported. Last Friday he was sharing about his recent trip to Israel. He then talked about a project and asked for support to build bomb shelters in Israel.

When he was talking about the bomb shelters, I remembered when I was in Israel in 2011, I saw how my host closed their retractable metal blinds at night. I’ve never seen anything like them, so I asked what they were. They weren’t blinds at all but were barricades that covered the windows. My hosts explained they helped to turn their home into a bomb shelter while they slept! That was a sobering moment!

Mike asked for a minimum of $500. Honestly, that put me out a bit, but then he said, “Maybe you can’t give that much, but perhaps you have a church, a Bible study group, or a group of friends or co-workers that could all chip in and help the Jews under attack in their homeland.” (He also said he was asking for that much because each bomb shelter costs approx. $15,000 to build and install!)

As I sat in my car listening, I thought, Wait! I have a group – we could do this!!! I do believe this is something we can do to physically help Israelis! This work is commissioned through the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. They have an impeccable reputation here at home and in Israel. The Father’s Love has sent donations to them in the past after vetting them, so we already have a relationship with that ministry in Israel.

Bomb shelters are so important given the thousands of missiles that are being launched daily from enemy territories into our beloved Israel! If you are like me, there has been a sense of helplessness, but this is a project we can sow into together and combine our resources for this special life-saving project.

Please click this link to give your tax-deductible donation through PayPal or reply to this email for my mailing address if you prefer to send a check or money order. All funds collected will be sent directly to the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, and I will send a final report when I have it to everyone who donates.
Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.
In the Father’s Love,
Judy A Bauman

Here is what Mike Gallagher shared:

Bomb Shelters Needed for Israel

The Mike Gallagher audience is now providing life-saving bomb shelters for the people of Israel through the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. Donate below – minimum donation of $500.00, please. Thank you for Standing with Israel

With the unprecedented increase in terrorist attacks, the need for additional safety and security measures has only become more dire. The Fellowship is addressing the needs on the ground as current events evolve, but you are the one to help make it all possible.

Your gift today can help provide a bomb shelter in an area in Israel that needs it most for its citizens. When the siren goes off, people have 15 seconds or less to get to safety. Let us continue to pray for one another, and for the day when true peace comes to the Holy Land and to the world.

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