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Jewels From Judy

Saturday, January 01 2011

I Am Butterfly
By Judy Bauman

I flutter by on the wings of a breeze

To a song I sing as I glide atop seas

My colors stun the most learned of man

With my graceful dance, the flames of love I fan

The stroke of my wings reflect God’s light

The new creation I am, while frail, is might

© 2011

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Friday, May 11 2007

I have already given you everything
You need to fight the enemy of your soul.
You are My child,
You are My soldier,
You are My friend.

Pray to Me as Jesus prayed.
I Am His Father and
I Am your Father.

You are more than a conqueror
You have already been given the victory.
You are My righteous instrument ~ My instrument of choice.

I have given you keys.
I have given you My power and authority.
I have chosen you and I will send you in My time.

You are My diamond and you are in the process of being polished.
You need to trust Me and not your old man.
Don't trust the ways of old.

Give yourself wholly to Me and
I will give you the desires of your heart.
Trust Me, obey Me, follow Me, love Me; for I will never disappoint you.

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Monday, February 26 2007

Made You Mine

Am                 Dm          E
I will bring the oil of gladness

Am                 Dm      E
I will bring the robe of joy

Am                 Dm                E     Am
I will bring the songs in the night hour

                     Dm                    E
I will bring the dreams for your life

Am            C       E
For I have called you

Am         C           E
I have made you Mine

Am       C       E
I have called you

Am             C       E
I have made you Mine

Am              Dm                E
I will bring a ring for your finger

Am                 Dm            E
I will give you keys to My house

Am              Dm          E           Am
I will sing a song over you, My love

                        Dm        E
I rejoice as you sit by My side


Am                                  E
I have called you    I have made you Mine   4x low/4x high

By Judy Bauman all rights reserved © 2007

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Sunday, October 30 2005

Arise! Shine!

Adapted from Isaiah 60:1-5


                                                                                                                     Am                                      Dm    C     Em       Am                                          

Arise! Shine! For your light has come

                                                                                                                                     Dm                                           Am

Arise! Shine! For your light has come


Arise! Shine! For your light has come

                                                                                   Dm                C            Em   Am

The glory of the LORD rises on you

Dm                               Am

Darkness covers the earth

Dm                          C       Em     Am

Gross darkness on its people

                                                                                                                         Dm                                Am

But the LORD rises upon you

Dm                       C    Em           Am

His glory appears over you.



Dm                                                   Am

Nations will come to your light,

Dm                                 C       Em          Am

Lift your eyes and look about you

Dm                                       Am

Then you will be radiant

                                                                                                                                         Dm           C                         E

Your heart will swell with joy!

~ Instrumental ~



music written by Judy A Bauman 4/30/1999  © Copyright 1999

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Thursday, May 19 2005

Join His Eternal Dance
Judy Bauman

A                  D                  E

Hear O church the Lord your God

A                   D                  E
The Lord He is One

A                     D                  E
Join Him in a dance of love

A                    D                  E
Join His eternal dance!

Won't you dance, won't you dance O church

D                   A                   E
Dance the dance of love

Take His hand let Him lead your way

D             A                E
Join His eternal dance  2X

A                     D                    E
Oh dear Church, hear My voice!

A                      D                     E
I'm asking you to dance

A                     D                      E
Take My hand My hand My love

A             D        E       D        A                     E        
Join My eternal dance, I'm calling you to dance;

D               A                 D
Join My eternal dance!

© 2005 All Rights Reserved

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Saturday, January 01 2005

Celebrating the Cross
by Judy Bauman

This season arrives with flowers abloom

As we celebrate an empty tomb

The love He lived gave us direction

Through God's power He is resurrected

Jesus was nailed to a wooden cross

A chasm to God was too wide across

The Christ came to save all who were lost

He's our Deliverer at any cost

Come let us reason together dear ones

Jesus died for the 'prodigal sons'

May the joy of this Day help you cope

For God will fill your heart full of hope

Jesus is RISEN!  2005

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Sunday, June 06 2004

Seek The Lord And Find Him

A                                    D            A
I will seek the LORD and find Him early in the morning

I will seek the LORD and find Him - early in the day

A                                 D       A
I will seek the LORD and find Him - He is my portion -

D        A        E                 A
He is my portion - therefore I hope in Him


D                A                E                 A
Great is Thy faithfulness Thy lovingkindness strengthens

D        A        E         A
It's good to hope and wait - quietly

A                      D                A
The Lord's love is great - His compassion never fails

D          A          E
His mercies are new every morning

A                            D                 A
He keeps my mind at peace - my mind stays on the Lord

D               E                A
My souls yearns at night and seeks by day



Lam 3:22-26   Psalms 26:3

Copyright © 2000 by Judy Bauman



Thank you for the message Chuck preached then leading me to Psalms 26.  What a joy Your word is to read and sing.  Help me to seek You early.  I know that when I call to You that You are there whenever and wherever I am, but help me to seek Your will early.

Your daughter,


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Saturday, October 04 2003

God's Garden

G                                      D
There have been times I let you down

C                         G                            D
Times when my own head hit the ground

G                                                D
Now I can help you by holding out my hand

C               G                   D                    G
And lift you into the light   The beautiful light


C                                   G
Now is your chance to show the world

C                         G                          D
The contrast of light from deep darkness

C                                           G
Let the light shine from your face

C                    G                      D
Let the light shine from your voice

C                       G                         D
Let the light shine from your heart and your soul

C                   G                      D                 G
And the world will want what you've got  They'll want (need)what you've got

G                                       D
Don't let the enemy bring you down

C                G                D
It's his way to dim the light you've found

G                                         D
Satan's trick is to twist God's plan around

C                   G                      D                      G
He fails when you live in the light God's wonderful light


G                                         D
Now That you've heard God's Word

C                         G                        D
Go out and bring in the harvest

G                            D
Then watch  the blossoms turn to fruit

C                  G                      D                       G
We are what makes up God's garden God's beautiful garden

Copyright ©1997 Judy Bauman

Is 2:5,  5:7, 31:12, 58:11, Jer 31:12,  Mic 7:8-9, Mat 5:14-16, 6:22-23,  11:30, Lu 10:2, 11:33-36, Jo 1;4-9, 8:12, 9:5, 12:46, 1 Co 3:9, Col 3:14, Gal 2:20, 6:9, Ja 3:17-18, 4:10, 5:6-7, I Th 5;1-11, II Th 2:3-17, 3:6-15, I Pet 2:19

Father,  I'm overwhelmed by Your grace and mercy.  Sometimes Your joy takes on such an intensity I cry.  In a dark world that so needs Your light, I thank You for allowing me to grow in Your garden by Your light. Thank You for this song to testify to my brother.



Aug. 23, 1997

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Sunday, August 24 2003

Help Us O Lord

How many today will walk by faith?

And how many today will fall

How many today will walk by faith?

And how many today hear Your call?

Help us O Lord to walk by faith

And not abandon Your call 2x

Help us to hear Your call

Help us to answer Your call


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Saturday, August 23 2003

So Do Not Fear


I seek You with all of my heart LORD

Do not let me stray from You

I've hidden Your Word in my heart LORD

That I won't separate from You


"So do not fear for I Am with you"

"Do not be dismayed for I Am your God"

"I will strengthen you, and I'll help you.

I will uphold you in My Righteous Right Hand"

The Word is near you it's in you

It's in your mouth and your heart

It's the Word of faith we proclaim

Confess that Jesus is Lord


I believe in my heart that God raised Him

Raised Jesus from the dead

And seated Him at His right hand

And it's by grace that we're saved


Psalms 119:10   Isaiah 41:10    Romans 10:8-9    Phil 2:10

Copyright© 1997 by Judy A Bauman

Thank you for showing me that your word makes wonderful songs.  I came to you concerned I couldn't remember scriptures and you simply said, "sing it".  What wonderful simplicity with which you communicate to me.  Thank you, LORD!                    

Your child,



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Monday, July 28 2003

Shake Off That Snake Bite

  G                                                C
Paul was preachin' the good news

G                                            D
About Jesus and the Father

G                                         C
He was shipwrecked on Malta Island

G             D               G

Where a snake latched onto his hand


C                                         G
Shake off that snake bite, shake off that snake bite

D                                         G
Shake it off when the Devil lies to you-ou-ou

C                                          G
Resist him at his onset and he will flee from you

D                                          G
Shake off, shake off that snake bite

G                                         C
Paul went about his business

G                                        D
Collectin' wood for some heat

G                                        C
The islanders thought him a dead man

G                  D                     G
But Paul suffered no defeat

G                                         C
The chief of the island was quite ill

G                                         D
Paul went and sat by his side

G                                        C
Paul prayed then he put hands on him

G                 D                     G
They believed for the chief didn't die

Copyright © 1997 by Judy Bauman

Acts 28:3-9, James 4:7

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the teacher you have brought into my home. J. M. has been such a blessing to me.  I thank you for helping me to see when the  snake bite happens so I can resist him.  Teach me how to submit to you more, and to get under your mission.  Praise You Lord Jesus.

Obediently yours,   


7/28/97  &  10/3/97

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Wednesday, July 02 2003

In Memory of David
By Judy Bauman

Favorite memories - shared with this boy
Outdoors in Loveland - gave us great joy
Catching snakes and frogs at the lake
Fish in the campfire - we would bake

The pond was the place we loved to go
A raft was our ship - we all would row
Time went by fast on a warm summers day
Dan, Alan, and Dave - we all wanted to stay

On Mariana Butte - set a white house
Where no one lived - ?cept maybe a mouse
We would hike and run - like little deer
And very few things brought us fear

Ice-skating was fun, sledding a blast
We'd show off to see who was most fast
He'd pull out ahead - to win the race
Dave hated the thought of second place

A little pig greased from head-to-toe
Kids chasing behind her - oh what a show
Davie stood by - and waited for her
Petunia the pig was then his, yes sir!

Those were simpler days - for us it seemed
We went our own way - as it was deemed
We started together - now apart
But Dave will always live in my heart


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Friday, June 20 2003

The Son

G                        C                         G

The Spirit of the Lord is calling you

C                           D

Do you hear His sweet voice soothing you?

            C                                 D                            Em

He wants to bring freedom to your soul

C                                          D                                     Em

He wants to heal the hurt inside of you


Em               D           A                Em

The Son came so you might live

D           A                Em

The Son came to set you free

                      C                 D                       Em

And whom the Son sets free, is  free indeed

C                     D/B7                    Em

And whom the Son sets free, is  free indeed

G                           C                                          G

It's up to you to choose who you will serve

C                              D

It's up to you which path you will walk

       C                   D                          Em

But when you walk with God, you'll never walk alone

C                          B7                        Em

He will never leave or forsake you


Copyright©1999 by Judy Bauman

John 8:36  Romans 8:9

Father Thank You for the study of Your Names. You gave me these great chords and I no sooner asked you for the words and I looked on the calendar of "The Names of God"  and there was my first verse!  The next day I went to work on the second verse and that date had the second verses words!! You are so comical sometimes!!!  I love to serve You.  What joy you fill my heart as I have surrendered myself to Your mercy.  Thank You for guiding me as You  promise in Your Word You will.  You are the Best!

Your Freed daughter,


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Friday, June 20 2003

The Cat and the Mockingbird
Judy Bauman

The cat lay lazily on a warm summer's day
A peace all around him was there on display
As the mocking bird chattered, scolded and squawked
The cat lay there without a care or a thought

The bird angrily swooped and tried to distract
But the furry little feline did not react.
Louder the bird clamored as he tried to persuade
The cat merely blinked and ignored his charade

"God is that You?" I exclaimed with a start!
The cat ignored my query as he played his part
He lay on the driveway enjoying the sun
Noise all around him the racket he shun

Not that the cat was God you do see,
But his lesson of peace was the missing key.
We let life's distractions lead us astray,
Yet here was a cat not rubbed the wrong way.

Are distractions -- some that even seem right
Merely to keep us from God's perfect sight?
Do things look so fuzzy that we do not see
God's plans are such that we need not flee?

His plans are often hidden from view
Distractions keep us out of balance too
But if we take life as does this cat
Then we will find peace... and that is a fact!

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Friday, May 30 2003

Put Your Armor On Me

A                            D          
One day I looked up and gave God my life

E                                   A
I said, "I'll be your soldier.  For you I will fight."

This announcement sent shock waves throughout the spirit realm

E                       A
and the battle raged from that day on


D                                   A
Oh Lord dear God put Your armor on me now

D                                   A
I ask you in Jesus name

D                                   A
Protect me my Lord from my enemies

E                                    A
**Thank you Father for the strength you give to me

A                                      D      
I was a wounded soldier no one trained me to fight

E                                           A
I stood facing the enemy with no help in sight

My love for God grew more confused as each day passed by

E                                       A
But I hung on tightly or I knew surely I'd die


A                                       D
There were times in my life I took the Devil by the hand

E                                       A
Since in my loneliness he seemed the only friend I had

But I when realized my error a puppet I was bound

E                                         A                        
But the Lord freed me to wear His crown

( no chorus) Interlude (or whatever music  writers call this part!)

D                                    A
I was a wounded soldier with no army in sight

D                                    A
Until I learned God's way to fight

D                                     A
The Prince of Peace came and showed me right

E                                     A
Now I stand bravely in his light  (enough rhyming for ya!?)

A                                       D      
My shield of faith I hold high, My sword I swing with pride

E                                     A
The helmet of salvation snugly on my head just right

My belt of truth around my waist, my shoes of peace tied tight

E                                     A
My breastplate of righteousness I wear into the night

**3x last line Praise you Lord...

Eph 1:18, 6:10-18   Ro 8:26, 10:15, 13:12-14   IThes5:8-9   Isa 11:5, 52:7, 49:2, 59:17, 

Copyright © 1997 by Judy Bauman 

5/30/97 and 6/23/97

Dear Father, Holy Spirit, Wonderful Counselor,

Thank you for this song that I can share with my brother who means so very much to me.  Thank you for the work you are doing in him and his family's lives.  I know you have been with us through the good times and the bad. You see all and know all.  Thank you for the ways you work for us that we are unaware of, yet our lives are blessed because you held us up in your righteous right hand.  Thank you for revealing your beautiful armor to your soldier.  

Your loving daughter, student, patient,


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Friday, May 23 2003

Good Night My Lord
Sing to 'Good Night Irene'

Good night my Lord, goodnight 2x

Good night my Lord 2x

I'll praise You in my dreams

Sometimes I sing in the mornin'

Sometimes I sing at night

But when I praise Your Holy Name

You make my heart just right

Good night my Lord, goodnight 2x

Good night my Lord 2x

I'll praise You in my dreams

Satan he tries to rob us

He tries to steal our peace

But when You died on Calvary

Your blood bought back the keys

Good night my Lord, goodnight 2x

Good night my Lord 2x

I'll praise You in my dreams

One day I'll see Your sweet face

Then my joy'll be complete

But until then I'll sing a song

That rings of Your great feats!

Good night my Lord, goodnight 2x

Good night my Lord 2x

I'll praise You in my dreams

Good night my Lord

I'll praise You in my dreams

Copyright © 1997 by Judy Bauman

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Tuesday, May 20 2003

You Not Only Love Me
Judy Bauman

You not only love me

You died for me 3x

You died for me, and set me free!

You not only heal me

You make me whole! 3x

Mold me and make me

More than I am 3x

Glory to God!  More than I am!

I love to praise

Your holy Name 3x

Jesus, I've come to praise Your name!  3x

© 1998

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Saturday, May 17 2003

Who Will You Be?

G                            D                             G
Today is a special day a stepping stone in life

D                    G
You're growing up quickly a path you must find


C                 G                     D
Who will you be in this world?

C                    Am       C                     G
What will you take?  What will you give back?

C                        G                   D
Where does the road your on lead to?

C                        G                  D                                       G
Make your plans pleasing in God's eyes . and you'll succeed

G                     D                   G
No matter your shape your size or your color

D      G
Jesus loves you He died for you


G                           D                           G
So do not be discouraged when there is a wall to climb

D                        G
We'll climb it together for together we are strong

Chorus 2x

©  5/17/1997

Written for my son Ryan's confirmation at FUMC of Lewisville, TX

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Thursday, May 15 2003

Bought and Paid For

G                      C                          G
When I'm under attack and the devil seems to have won

I'm reminded of God's only Son

G                       C                         G
He came to earth just as He said He would

D              G
And He took the death that I should


G                    C                       G

I was bought and paid for by the blood of Christ

I was bought and paid for because He paid the price

G                     C                       G
I was bought and paid for up on Calgary

D                       G
I was bought I was bought I was bought

G                    C                        G
When Satan comes against me, I know what Rock to stand

Resisting temptation I take Jesus' hand

G                    C                     G
I remember to praise, praise His Holy Name

D                               G
He saved me from evil, the evil one's shame


G                    C                       G
Are you feelin' down and lonely, you feel you're all alone

Because the world's pressure, pressure is on

G                       C                      G
If you feel you can't take it anymore

D                     G
I will show you Who you should adore

G                     C                     G
You were bought and paid for by the blood of Christ

You were bought and paid for because He paid the price

 C        G          D           G
You were bought and paid for up on Calgary. You were bought You were bought You were bought

Copyright © 1998 by Judy Bauman

1 Co 6:20, John 8:10-11, Eph 1:7, Co 1:13-14, Rev 1:5, 5:9


Thank you Lord Jesus for getting me through the fire. I praise You.

Your little flame,


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Wednesday, May 14 2003

Jesus Loves Children

A                          E                           A
Jesus loves children   Jesus loves children

E                                  A
Jesus loves children   He loves you and me

A                          E                            A
We trust in Jesus      We trust in Jesus

E                           A
We trust in Jesus      To make us His own

D                     A                  E                       A
Our hope is great        Our hope is great

D                     A                  E                        A
Our hope is great        Jesus is our hope

A                             E                               A
Faith comes by hearing        Faith comes by hearing

E                                A
Faith comes by hearing        Hearing the Word of God

D                   A                  E                     A
God is Love         God is Love

D                       E                       A
God is Love         He loves you and me

A                             E                              A
Jesus loves children   Jesus loves children

E                                  A
Jesus loves children   He loves you and me

E                           A            E                  hold       A            
Yes He loves you and me     God loves you and me

Copyright © 5/1997 by Judy Bauman

Dear Daddy,

Thank for the simplicity of this song.  May it teach children how your love is so easy , and that they will be able to remember throughout their lives that Jesus loves them.

Your girl,



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Wednesday, May 14 2003

Prisoner of Hope


I'm a prisoner of hope in the Lord  (in the Lord)

I'm a prisoner of hope in the Lord  (in the Lord)

A                     D                      A
*He gathered up my fragments and He made me whole

E                             A
I'm a prisoner of hope in the Lord  (in the Lord)

Hope is an anchor to my soul  (to my soul)

Hope is an anchor to my soul  (to my soul)

A                       D                        A
Let Him fill you up with the power of His hope

E                                   A
Hope is an anchor to my soul  (to my soul)

May the eyes of your heart know the hope  (know the hope)

May the eyes of your heart know the hope  (know the hope)

A                    D                    A
Know the hope to which He's called you

A                         E                         A                  
May the eyes of your heart know the hope

There's a thief in this world who's stealin' hope  (stealin' hope)

There's a thief in this world who's stealin' hope  (stealin' hope)

A                                         D
If you let Satan in he'll steal your hope

A                    E                       A
So don't let that demon in your door  (In your door)


Zac 9:12, Ro 8:20-25 15:13, Eph 1:18, 3:1, 4:1, Phil 1:1, Jo 10:10  Job & Psalms

Copyright © 1997 by Judy Briggs Bauman


Thank you for the hope that passes all understanding.  Jesus I hope to see you soon.

Your hopeful daughter,



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Saturday, May 03 2003

Pullin' Up Stakes

G                             C
A good friend is hard to come by

G                             D
I don't like the thought of losin' you

G                            C
Your smile's on my mind and I want it to stay there

G              D            G
I will miss you


C                             G
This mobile lifestyle is wearing me down

C                                G
and I'm feeling downright blue


(sad & blue/lonely too)

C                                G
Pullin up stakes again means I won't be seein' you

D                                G
And I wonder if we'll meet again

G                                 C
You say so sweetly the dawn brings a new day

G                                 D
Time for change is here

G                                 C
Startin' over without you

G                 D                G
Fills my heart with tears


G                                   C
I want to stay, but I guess I'll be going now

G                                   D
I hope you'll remember me

G                                 C
Your smiles on my mind and I want it to stay there

G             D               G
I will miss you

copyright © 1995 by Judy Bauman 5/3/95

My Dear Lord,

Thank for the gift of writing songs.  Before I even knew you had called me to serve You in this way, I wrote this song.  Thank you allowing me to serve you in such a joyous way.

Your willing servant,     



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Thursday, April 24 2003

Each Passing Day
sung to the tune of Janis Joplin's " Mercedes Benz"

Oh Lord, I praise You with each passing day.

My friends - some don't know you

Help them find the way

I've worked hard all my lifetime

You stood by my side

Oh Lord I praise You with each passing day

Oh Lord I am humbled by Your presence with me

I thank You and give You -

 Me everyday

I have been delivered

From chains that held me bound

Oh Lord I am humbled by Your presence with me

Oh Lord You comfort me each and every day

No money or goodies

Will take me away

You proved that You loved me

By dying for me

Oh Lord You comfort me each and every day


Oh Lord, I praise You with each passing day.

My friends - some don't know you

Help them find the way

I've worked hard all my lifetime

You stood by my side

Oh Lord I praise You with each passing day  That's it hee hee

Ps 23:4, 71:21, 107:10-20, Mat 11:25-30, 23:12, Lu 16:13, 22:28-32,

Ro 5:6-8, 12:1, 15:16

 Copyright © 1997 by Judy Bauman


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Wednesday, April 23 2003

I Cried To The LORD

I will tell of the kindness of the LORD

The deeds for which He's to be praised

 In His love and mercy He redeemed me

His love endures forever more


I cried to the LORD in my troubles

He saved me from my distress

He sent forth His Word and He healed me

Thank You LORD for Your unfailing love

I sat in the darkness and the deepest gloom

A prisoner laboring in chains

For I had rebelled against God's Holy Word

          I stumbled but no one could help


Just reach out your hand and He'll lift you

Into His gracious heart you'll live

Your troubles soon won't matter

His joy He will give

If you cry to the LORD in your troubles    

He'll save you from your distress 

He'll send forth His Word and He'll heal you

Thank You LORD for Your unfailing love 3x

Psalms 107:10-20,      Matt 8:8

Copyright © 1997 by Judy  Bauman


Thank you for healing me. Praise You my Lord Jesus!!!

Your healed daughter,



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Wednesday, April 23 2003

Born Crucified

Am                                            E                          Am
A Babe lying in a manger, a familiar Christmas scene

C                            E
Reveals to us how God's love can be seen


C                  G                  C         E
The Babe in the manger was born to die

C                G             C             E                   Am/C 4x
The Babe in the manger was born crucified, born crucified

Am                     E                 Am/C
His tiny hands carved out so delicately

Am                    C                E
Remind us how they were nailed at Calvary


Am                     E                 Am
He came from Bethlehem with The Cross on His heart

C                     E
The Babe in the manger willingly did His part


Am                   E                 Am/C        
God's mighty hand is ready to pick you up

Am                         C                              E
The Babe in the manger drank from the bitter cup


Judy Bauman © 1998

Thank You Father for the revelation of this song.  Even as I read "The Christmas Cross" by Max Lucado and You let me know You were going to give me a song and You did. This is such a difficult song to sing, but it so tenderly and so accutrately tells this story - the story of Your great love for us.  Thank You, Jesus! 



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Thursday, April 17 2003

'To Live is Christ'

We came together from all walks
And studied how Paul faced the rocks

He shook off the snakebite and the jeers
Paul taught us all how to face our fears

As we learned about our brother's walk
And shared how we could walk-the-talk

We found that in loss, illness, and pain
Seeking God's face is never in vain

"I Am with you." God did encourage
And He gave us each that same courage

Paul sat in cold chains without a cloak
But of Christ's grace he boldly spoke

You are our sister, Beth, this is true
Seated together Christ sees us through

Jesus is our Rock and our Tower
We walk in His strength and His power

May God bless you for teaching His Word
We know that you have clearly heard

His voice you hear and skillfully write
He'll comfort you through the lonely night

'To live is Christ' and to die is gain
Together we stand in Christ's reign

He holds the keys of life in His hand
And leads us each to His promised land!

Written for Beth Moore by Judy Bauman
Monday morning Woman's Bible Study at Snellville, GA FUMC 1/14/02 - 4/17/02

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Thursday, April 03 2003

Vessel of Honor

Make me a vessel unto your honor Lord

Shape, bend and mold me to Your will

Take my heart, my mind and emotions

And conform me to Your will


Renew my heart,

Renew my soul,

Renew my life,

O Lord

Refine me to pure gold

Make me a noble threshing instrument

Sharpen my skill to use Your sword

Let my faith

Be strengthened by praising

Praising Your Holy Name


Nothing in all creation

Is hidden from Your sight

Everything's bare before You

My life is at Your side 2x

So make me a vessel

Unto your honor Lord

Shape, bend and mold me to Your will

Take my heart, my mind and emotions

And conform me to Your will



Copyright © 1998 by Judy Bauman 

2 Tim 2;19-21, Hebrews 4:12, Ps 51:10,

Is 40:31, 41:15, 2 Co 4:16,

Ro 8:29, 12:2, Jo 7:17, Job 23:10

Thank you Lord Jesus for taking this unrefined rock You found in me, and turning me into someone that hopefully You may see Your reflection. 

I praise You and thank You for seeing something in me when no one else could. 

Your vessel,



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Saturday, March 15 2003

Nathan David

March 15,2001

Nathan, God named you. You are the seed from a promise of God.  The Lord has appointed you for a joyous purpose.  You were sewn together in your mother's womb where the Lord saw you and approved of you.  God's ways are not man's ways.  Follow and keep the Lord's ways in front of you.  Do not look to the right or to the left, but keep your eyes ever fixed on Jesus.  He is your redemption, He is your purpose and He is your friend.  You can trust God and as you obey Him you will gain a relationship of trust. Know in your heart that you can always count on the Father to be there for you. He will never leave you, Nathan David!  He will never forsake you! 

Keep your heart for out of it flows the issues of life.  No matter what life looks like, Father God will be there with you.  Storms will come and storms will go, but He is the Rock to Whom you can depend.  Plant yourself deeply in the Rock and those storms will not move you from His purpose. 

He is the Father of life and His plan for you is great.  He is your hope!  He is your future!  Call upon Him and pray to Him.  He will listen to you..  He waited patiently for the day you would be born.  You were born to fulfill a promise. 

Nathan, remember and never forget that

love is the glue that binds.

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Friday, March 07 2003

Beyond The Cross

Jesus looked beyond the cross ... He saw you and me

He saw our faces so sad and in need 

So He willing went to the cross, to the tree

Jesus, You saw my need ...You saw my sin seed

You saw my need, so Your gave Your life for me

You went to the cross, to the cross for me

Jesus, You cried out on that day...

"My God! My God!  Why have You forsaken Me?"

"Why are You so far from Me?"

Then He saw our faces so sad and in need

So He willingly gave His life for you and me!

Jesus looked beyond the cross... He saw you and me

He saw our faces so sad and in need 

So He willing went to the cross, to the tree

Now He is our Resurrected King!

We praise You, Lord Jesus, for bringing back the keys!

© Aug 27, 1998  Judy Bauman All rights reserved

Thank You Father for children who ask such direct questions such as, "How could Jesus go to the cross?"  It is by such as these that we really are stretched to see You and Your great love for us.  Thank You for this answer in song.  I love You, Lord, Judy

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Monday, January 20 2003

Hear the Lion Roar

As I sat in the peace and the calm of the morning

Whispering praises to God for all He has done

I saw in the heavenlies - dog-like creatures

Then the side of a face of a Lion that roared


As we praise the Lord Jesus in quiet adoration

The Lion of Judah will roar!

As we praise, as we praise,

As we praise the Lamb of God!

Hear the Lion roar!

His roar was interpreted deep within my heart

He said, "Leave My children alone!"

The dog-like creatures - they shrieked in terror

They fled the scene at the sound of His voice!


Come all ye nations

Every tribe and tongue

Come all ye nations

Come to the Son

Come let us worship

Hear the Lion Roar

Come all ye nations

   SING!  Hear the Lion roar!  


Copyright © Jan 2002 by Judy Bauman

O Father!  Thank You for giving me the privilege to write songs of praise to You again.  Thank You for letting this song flow out of me and into Your Body.  I worship and adore You, Lord Jesus.  Thank You for fighting for us when we are helpless to fight for ourselves.  Thank You for running off the hyenas!   I bless You, Lord and thank You.  Amen

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Wednesday, January 01 2003

I Fell In Love

Now I'm Not the Same

Am                      E                               Am
I fell in love with a man.  Now I'm not the same.

E                                 Am
I fell in love with a man now I'm not the same

G                      C                    G               C
Cause I let Him slip away I just let Him go

E                   Am            E               Am
And I don't know why no I don't know why

Am                          E                             Am
He was an honest man and He spoke the truth

E                           Am
He was a kind hearted man and He spoke the truth

G                      C                    G              C
But I let him slip away I just let Him go

E                 Am             E              Am
And I don't know why no I don't know why

Am                       E                                  Am
If I saw Him again would I stop to say

E                       Am
I really love Him so and I'd like to stay

G                                            C
Would He turn around and walk away

G                      C
Or would He take me in His arms?

Am                 E                 Am               E

Am               E                           Am
Well the Man that I loved stood at the door

E                             Am
He smiled and said "Please let Me in"

G                      C                    G                    C  
His loving arms opened up and I stepped inside

E           Am               E    Am
Now I have His strength I'll be weak no more

Am                   E                          Am
I fell in love with a Man.  Now I'm not the same.

      E                                  Am
I fell in love with a Man now I'm not the same

G                 C                G                 C
My life is blessed with Your presence with me

E             Am                     E         Am
Praise You my Lord  You set me free

E            Am                   E      Am
Praise You my Lord  You set me free

E            Am             E            Am
Praise You my Lord  You set me free

E             Am           E             Am
Praise You my Lord  You set me free

   E           Am         E              Am
You set me free  You set me free

John 8:36  " So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed."

Mat 5;16, 7:7-8, 11:25, Lu 4:18, 6:35, 13:3-6, Jo 14:6, 15:4-14, Ro 6:18, 15:7-11, II Co 2:3, 3:17, Gal 5:1 & 13, Eph 1:3-6 & 14, 3:12, Jam 1:25 5:13, I Pet 1:3-6 & 14, 2:16, 4:11 & 16, I Tim 1:12, Rev 3:8 & 20, 5:12-13, 19:5

copyright© 1997 by Judy A Bauman


Thank You for your work in me, and thank you for helping me finish this song.  Without Your love, support, and tender handling I never would have been able to sing this or share it.  The pain that I worked through just to get out the words was at times excruciating.  When I realized You were with me, I knew You would see me through and heal my deep wounds. Thank You for redeeming this song, and healing me.

Your Humble Servant,


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