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Thursday, August 07 2014

An Exhortation From The Holy Spirit:

“As you would tend a garden: till, plant, weed, water, treat for insects and disease; so too are you to tend the garden of your heart.[1] Weeds have a way of springing up overnight and taking over all the hard work and expense of planting. Just about the time you see the growth of desired plants (fruit), up come the ‘over takers’. You must stay vigilant to remove those things that attempt to overtake that which I have planted in and through your life.[2]

“The locusts come to destroy. Pestilence is at its very root a consequence of sin. It was not so in the Garden.[3] It was not what I meant for you. So many ask ‘Why doesn’t God stop wars, disease, and famine?’ However, they fail to see those things are natural consequences to sin. It is the fruit of mankind’s choices that produce such things, not My neglect.

“Being angry with God for wars, disease, and famine is as sensible as being mad at God for weeds growing in a garden. Just as a gardener must stay vigilant to keep weeds from spreading through a garden, so too must humankind be vigilant to stop war, disease, and famine. Remember, I gave mankind authority on earth and Jesus taught you to pray for My ‘will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.’”[4]

Your Father

[1] Proverbs 4:20-27
[2] Matthew 13:18-23
[3] Genesis 4:17-19
[4] Matthew 6:10

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