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Jewels From Judy

Tuesday, March 31 2009

My child, the work I do in you is not the work of the world.   I see those things that must be cut out.   Those things that hinder and those things that cause you to react in ways you do not understand - they must come out of you for you to walk forward in My will for your life.  Trust Me with the knife as I Am the Master Surgeon.   I can cut those cancerous ways out of your being and make you new again.   When I Am the One you turn to for help, you will see a change.   Some say that leopards can't change their spots.  This is true, but I can change them if it is My desire!   It is neither by your might nor by your power, but it is by My Spirit.   Let Me cut out the cancer in your soul.   Let Me cut away the malignant growth.   Let Me cleanse the deep and infected wounds and remove all traces of gangrene.   Do you not know that gangrene comes from the lack of blood to living tissue?   Let Me apply the blood of My Only Begotten Son to your deepest of wounds.   Let Me apply the Balm of Gilead.  Let Me give you the heart transplant you so desperately need.   Let Me inject My DNA into the depths of your being.  

Do not fret if this takes multiple surgeries.   You are indeed going from glory to glory.   This is a process, beloved child, and I know exactly how much you can take at any given time.   I will bring you into My operating room when I know it is the precise time - not too soon - not too late.   I will bring you in as many times as it takes to cut away the deadness of your wound.   I will only cut as deep as I know that you can recover, and then I wait until you are truly ready again.   This kind of work takes time.   Do not worry about your schedule or how far along you are in the process.   I Am familiar with all your ways.  You truly can trust Me.   Let Me touch that wound and bring restoration as you have never imagined. 

Bind yourself to My Son.   Bind yourself to My will.   Bind your body to the perfect work of the cross.   I will loosen the enemy's strangle-hold; I will skillfully cut away his influence and remove his talons from the death-grip they have had on you.   Trust Me.   All of the rejection and fear and demonic oppression will no longer hold you back from My very best for you!   I will never abandon you.   Though your earthy father and mother forsook you, I never will.   I will bring you near and draw you to Myself.  My arms will never drop you and none can steal you from My embrace.   Go to sleep and breathe deep from the depths of the well of My love for you.   Rest My love.   Be still and know that I Am your God and your Father.   When you awaken from your slumber I will have made a permanent change in you as I have replaced your wounds with My comfort, My love and My desire for you.   Let My will be done in you, My precious earthen vessel, as it is in heaven.   Trust Abba to care for you in the way that I know best.

With everlasting love,
Your Father

Scripture References:
Zechariah 4:6; Isaiah 58:8; Matthew 9:35; Luke 6:19; 9:6; Romans 8:14; Galatians 4:6

Personal Note:  
A profound work took place in me since the Lord spoke this word, "Master Surgeon" nearly three years ago on May 22, 2006.  From this difficult and wonderful time with the Lord, The Father's Love Int'l Ministries was birthed. I believe there are some who receive this post that need this word right now as it is a word in due season. 

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