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Jewels From Judy

Sunday, August 13 2023

Jewels from Judy: A Clear and Present Danger; A Call to Pray!

Judy A Bauman


Early this morning the Lord woke me up and reminded me of a word of warning He had me issue in 2016. It was concerning witches announcing a global call to curse Donald John Trump and all who support him, on the New Moon each month until he was removed from office. (I had mistakenly thought we were done with this, but clearly, we aren’t!) 

This specific fight began one month after DJT’s inauguration on February 24, 2017, when the witches involved first called for “binding spells.” This quickly escalated in their ranks to include curses, hexes, and vile portrayals of the president in social media and throughout ‘comedy.’ This is no laughing matter.

It is clear that Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a real illness. The unbelievable attacks and lawlessness that have been on display since his election and particularly when he was running for reelection in 2020 are evident. One would have to disbelieve their own eyes and ears, along with all they have experienced, not to see the hypocrisy of the accusations coming from socialist government players and the media giants. The hatred for the former president has been on the world’s stage for all to see while the current one sadly can’t seem to put a coherent sentence together. This affects all of us and I pray that you hear my plea!

The Lunar Calendar

New moons are not normally on my mind, and I don’t follow the lunar calendar, but all during DJT’s presidency, the Lord would remind me to pray as we approached a New Moon. He asked that I enlist others to join me as one puts a hundred to flight but two puts a thousand.

If I forgot to look at the lunar calendar, He would wake me and have me take a screenshot showing the moon was at that smallest point and remind people to pray (on my Facebook account). There was no sleeping until I did. Some seemed to think that I was being superstitious, or that I was insinuating that the witch’s curses were stronger than our prayers, but I am not superstitious and that is the opposite of what I attempted to convey. The fact is, there is more power and purpose in our praying than their cursing, but WE MUST PRAY to ENACT the Word of God and for Him to dispatch His angelic army. Even Jesus had to “say the word” for the servant of the centurion to be healed. God wants our voice to carry His purpose on earth. His word is our sword, and as Hebrews 4:16 teaches, our prayers are to come up boldly to the Throne of Grace in our time of need.


The most important thing to remember is the next NEW “SUPERMOON” is Aug 16 at 5:38 a.m. The black art shenanigans will most likely start at midnight on August 15th leading up to that point while the moon is waning. Please pray that their curses will fall as dust to the ground. Pray for the salvation and deliverance Jesus died for them to have. Amen!

(There is more about lunar cycles under NUTS and BOLTS below.)


In 2019, I issued a specific warning about a “Curse Bomb” that the enemy was assembling for the purpose of mass destruction. I gave this warning not once but three times through my pen, first in April and then twice in July. See the links below to read what I share in July (no link for April, as I did not make it public at that time.)

In 2021, I asked the Lord if the “Curse Bomb” was C-19 and He simply answered, “Yes.”

It was given the designation of #19 because it was first identified in the year 2019 by Dr. Li in Wuhan, China. The first coronavirus was identified in 1960; however, evidence of a coronavirus has been found in East Asia as far back as 20,000 years ago! (Sars was a more recent outbreak of it in 2002.)

I do know the pandemic could have been worse had the Ekklesia not prayed.


When President Trump won the election in 2016, it overthrew what the enemy had been planning for decades – the destruction of the USA as we know it, and the overthrow of Israel and particularly the recapturing of Jerusalem. It was especially distressing to the enemy of our soul that prophetic voices were hearing that Trump was a chosen vessel of the Lord. Sadly, many in the church did not believe this, but God chooses whomever He pleases, and we need to be in agreement with Him, not with whatever our opinions are in any manner.

Donald J Trump was prophetically called a “modern-day Cyrus” from Isaiah 45, and the Lord had me refer to DJT as “American Pharoah” in the word He gave me (spelled like the racehorse that won the Triple Crown and Breeders Cup in 2015 and differently than the pharaoh of Exodus). I shared this message first in 2016 and again in 2020.

Furthering TDS, President Trump promised to set up our Embassy in Jerusalem, and unlike others who also promised this, he made good on it and accomplished this in record time and under budget. It opened on the 70th Anniversary of Israel being reestablished as a nation! Hallelujah! PM Netanyahu referred to Trump as a type of Cyrus, and in Israel, a coin was minted with an image of Trump and Cyrus on one side and the Temple on the other. This is significant and not by ‘chance’. See Psalm 122:6-7

Please understand, this goes much deeper than DJT being hounded by legal woes right now in the court system and government agencies. He had done a lot to protect our rights, but we see how the enemy seeks to silence the church. This really is about the battle over people’s souls to be bound to either hell or to the kingdom of heaven. It is about the Gospel being preached to all nations.

Abortion laws are also at the forefront of this battle. Why? We see in Scripture, the enemy seeks to destroy babies, and guess what, many who practice witchcraft perform child sacrifices and have for thousands of years. In recent times they have been able to do this with complete freedom and impunity through the legalized abortion industry. They hide it behind ‘women’s health’ yet it is often horrible for a woman’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health at the reality of killing her own child! PP is notorious for preying on young unsuspecting women and especially minorities. Many who support abortion rights don’t know what actually happens to the fetus, nor do they know that the founder, Margret Sanger, was a raging racist who wanted “Jews, Blacks, and Orientals” exterminated.


A while back, our Father posed this simple question prior to the raid on DJT’s home in Florida and prior to the indictments to overthrow the election results. He asked, “Do you think the witches stopped cursing him at the New Moon each month?” I thought about what a legalist the devil is and have heard testimony from one who escaped a coven and lived to tell about it. She testified that they are commanded to attend a crazy number of rituals every month and have to stand for many exhausting hours at a time.

It reminds me of the prophets of Baal who cut themselves and carried on trying to get Baal to answer them (see 1 Kings 18:25-29). Punishment for disobedience is brutal in covens from what I understand.
It is easy to see how emboldened the wicked have become. We must not shut ourselves in and wait to be taken out of here when the Lord is asking us to engage and push back the darkness. Jesus said that He would build His church and the gates of Hades would NOT prevail against it (Matthew 16:18) Beloved ones, please hear me as I hear the Father sounding a warning. He has not abdicated His position, and neither should we!


Here is what the Spirit of the Lord spoke this morning: “Witches have never stopped cursing DJT, as they have made it their mission to destroy him. It wasn't enough for him to be removed from the White House, as was the original movement’s goal. They don’t just want him out of office or to stay out of office. They don’t just want him humiliated and jailed. They want him dead along with all his descendants and supporters. They want him completely obliterated. This is how deep the hatred and derangement syndrome has gotten!

“I want the church, My body on earth, My ambassadors who Re-present Me, to rise up in prayer and put a stop to this madness! Rise up beloved Ekklesia! Shed your garments of grief and remove the shrouds of sorrow for the injustices you’ve seen and even experienced. Declare My Truth! Arise shine, and see this darkness flee in Jesus’ mighty name. I have given you power over serpents. Put a stop to their spells, hexes, and curses, and pray for mass salvations for these practicing witches. They don't realize they have been taken captive to do the will of their true enemy. They don’t know how much the devil hates and mocks them. Bless them who are made in My image but bind their witchcraft and sorcery. Where two or three are gathered, I am in your midst.

“You have heard My servants say in unity that there is a great shaking coming and soon. To prepare yourself for this, I ask that You take My warning seriously and fast and pray for the next three days. Sound the alarm. Prepare, prepare, prepare!”


May we stand in agreement with our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, whose Spirit lives within us! One thing He told me to do to “prepare” was to learn to hear His voice so that I would know whether to go to the right, left, straight ahead, stand still, or to step back. We need His direction in ALL that we do. Amen!


As I was finalizing this post, a news report came across my phone stating that B1den is trying to secure a ‘peace agreement’ between Israel and Saudi Arabia. It states that we will help the Saudis to build a nuclear reactor! It also mentioned that there was a deal with Iran made 3 days ago where we are to release 6 BILLION dollars in frozen assets to the Iranians for a prisoner release. Remember, this is the same country that has repeatedly threatened to “wipe Israel off the map.”

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:

“May they prosper who love you.

In the Father’s love

Judy A Bauman

First public warning of C-19:

Second reminder:

Nuts and Bolts on Moon Dates:
We have three peculiar moon events going on in August. It is rare that 2 Full moons (or two New moons) occur in the same month worldwide because of the International Date Line; however, this month the 2 full moons in August will be seen globally! 
On August 1, 2023, there was a supermoon (“super” meaning it is at its closest point to the earth than other full moons) and there will be a BLUE (2 full moons in one month) supermoon on August 30, 2023!

These dates apply to the land that lies WEST of England, which includes all of North and South America to the International Date Line.

From England Eastward to the International Date Line, the first full moon was August 2nd and the blue supermoon will be on August 31, 2023.] This morning, August 13, 2023, in the Northern Hemisphere, this year’s largest Perseid Meteor Shower took place.

[i.e.: In 2019 we had 2 New moons in July, but east of England, it was August that had two New moons. While the second full moon in a month is called a “Blue moon,” the second New moon in one month is called a “Black moon”.]

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